Featured Projects

Sample of specific projects created for our customers

Hot Tub Screen

A good customer of ours approached us with the idea of manufacturing a hotube privacy screen for his private house manufactured from stainless steel. After looking at the project we advised him that manufacturing the screen in metal would cast long shadows onto the decking and deprive him with sunlight in allot of areas.

Imtech designed and built the attached, manufactured from cast acrylic and frosted acrylic with a stainless steel wire assembley and securing feet.

This lets the sun shine through with no shadows.. Our customer was over the moon about having the Sun.. LOL.

Chemical Bottle

Erogonomic Self Eject Caps

This plastic cap was manufactured as an erogonomic means of removing the cap and all it’s attached pluming from the top of a chemical bottle. The cap self ejects when the handle is raised. The design and all the parts were done in house by IMTech..

Licence Plates

Manufacture of old Italian license plate holders in anodised aluminium. These holders proved impossible to get for a customer of ours, who wanted to fit his vintage Prancing Horse with genuine italian plates. So he brought the license plates to IMTech and we designed , manufactured and Anodised the holders for him.

Weld Blast Shutters

Design & Manufacture of port hole cover for auto welding machine. Purpose was that the operator could look into the machine without getting a dangerous flash from the arcing during the welding process.